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You'll be hooked from the first bite.

Taste one of our grandma approved traditional flavors... or check out our seasonal flavor!


Your all-time favorites, and a new one every season!

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Image by Michael C

What is The scRUMptious Dessert?

The scRUMptious Dessert is tradition, its family. We are a Rum Cakes Bakery in the great state of Ohio, working with passion and attention to detail, just to get that taste to hook you in from the first bite.

Every cake we make is meant to spark joy, share, or enjoy yourself. We won't judge you if you don't want to share! Art and passion define our desserts alongside creativity. Oh, almost forgot, don't miss our seasonal flavor. It's something new by the time you check!


Our Story

Hi, I'm Gabrielle, mother, wife, and a certified baker. I must say that I'm so grateful to my grandmother. She and my family encouraged my love for creating and asked the question that started everything. "You've got the talent. Why don't you start a business out of it?" 


My grandmother passed, and I still hadn't started any business. I prepared some cakes for my family to enjoy after her funeral, and the whole family devoured them! They wouldn't stop asking, Gabrielle, why are you not selling this? So I thought the time was right. I had the knowledge, the idea of something special, and customer's demand from family, coworkers, neighbors, and even my hair salon. The recipe was ready, and that's how The scRUMptious Dessert was born!


We currently offer delivery for a small fee if you're local, but If you want to send a "Rumy gift" to another state or if you live out of state, we can work with you on the logistics, contact us below to get a quote.


Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary, New Year, Office Party, or Just because!



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